Here's how to register ClimUP

Register ClimUP to unlock all program modules. Perform full maintenance (corrective and preventive) of your computer or notebook year-round, automatically. A great saving of time and money. If you have not purchased ClimUP Premium v3.0, click the "BUY" button at the bottom of this page and proceed with the purchase to proceed with the registration. In this guide, we will show you how to register the virtual technician: ClimUP.
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técnico virtual climup
Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 e 7.
Follow the steps below:
You have not installed ClimUP yet? Your computer or notebook may be at risk and perform poorly. Click here and see how to install.

Before you begin, close all open windows and programs.

Step 1 Clique com o botão direito do mouse em qualquer área vazia da Área de trabalho do Windows e clique em ClimUP; ClimUP Step 2 When ClimUP is open, simply click once on the program's "REGISTER" menu and wait. When opening the registry window, write down your "ID", click "Cancel" and close ClimUP; ClimUPClimUP

Step 3 Click the "REGISTER" menu at the top of this page to fill out the form and submit the registration request; NOTE: After requesting the registration, wait to receive the registration file via email. ClimUP Step 4 When you receive the ClimUP registration email, save the attached file (DBAi) on your computer and close the browser. Right-click any empty area of the Windows desktop and click ClimUP; Note: In this example, we use an email from Gmail. ClimUPClimUP Step 5 When ClimUP is open, simply click once on the program's "REGISTER" menu and wait. When the registry window opens, click OK and wait. ClimUPCLimUP Step 6 When the file selection window is open, select the "DBAi" file (which you received by email and probably saved on your computer), click "Open" and wait for confirmation. Click "OK" and you're done. NOTE: By default, downloaded files are usually automatically saved in the "Downloads" user folder. ClimUPClimUP